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To many computer users the mouse is just a necessary little tool for operating their computer. As long as it has two buttons and a wheel and the cursor goes where it's supposed to, most people are satisfied. Gamers are more demanding, however, in terms of comfort, performance, and features. We reviewed 13 gaming mice to find out what's currently out there.  

A decent mouse is crucial for the serious gamer, that is why we are in the habit of regularly doing a round-up of the latest gaming mice. The 13 mice in this comparison test vary quite a bit in price, from £45 to £69. It’s a pretty big difference, which should mean that the performance and features should differ significantly as well. The only way of finding this out for sure is by a thorough test. And that’s exactly what we did.

Corsair Vengeance M90

How and what we test

First we do a hands-on test with our 13 mice. Additionally we test the mice with rapid movements and measure the lift-off distance. The latter indicates how high a mouse needs to be raised before it no longer registers movement. If you are in the habit of using the mouse with a lot of movement of your hand, you tend to cross the entire mouse pad. Then you lift the mouse and start over. It is important that the mouse does not detect this movement, so the cursor stays put. If you rarely or never lift the mouse, then this is of less importance.

We always test mice on the same Qpad Heaton mouse pad with a black/ grey surface. If a mouse doesn't work well on that mouse pad, we use a different surface.

The shape of a mouse is very important as well, especially the grip it provides. This is essential for low sense gamers that always use a very low mouse sensitivity. They need to be able to pick it up often and move their mouse with sweeping movements across the entire mouse pad. A mid and high sense gamer is less demanding in this area. As a high sense gamer the sensitivity of your mouse is very high, which makes small movements with the mouse enough to cross large distances with the cursor.

By determining the sensitivity and the lift-off distance it is easy to tell which mice are suitable for low sense gamers. For high and mid sense gamers it is more important that minor movements are smooth without any jerking or skipping. Since almost all mice are fine in this area, it will only be mentioned when the mouse in question doesn’t perform well in this regard.

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