17 27-inch monitors reviewed: a monitor for every budget

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BenQ EW2730V

On paper, the BenQ EW2730V is a very interesting monitor. It combines a relatively low price of £292 with a VA (Vertical Alignment) LCD panel. VA screens have better colour rendering than TN (Twisted Nematic) panels, the latter being the choice of most affordable displays. The other advantage is that colours don’t change when viewed from the side. TN panels can only be viewed directly from the front. The EW2730V should in theory not have this drawback, and our test confirm this.

The display has an incredible brightness of almost 400 candela, and actually decreasing it a little isn’t a bad idea in our opinion. Black is reproduced very nicely, and this screen has the best contrast scores out of all tested monitors.

Colour rendering is great, and so is the viewing angle. On the negative side we found that the midrange colour tones were a bit dark. The reaction time was also slow, and there was an input lag of 1 frame (16 milliseconds). The good news is that the monitor is very useful for photo editing and office work thanks to its excellent performance, brightness, contrast, and colour rendering.

BenQ EW2730V

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