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In addition to the very affordable VE276Q we received a high-end model from ASUS, the brand new VG278H. With an average price of £545 it is more than twice as expensive than the other ASUS screen we reviewed, but there is a reason. The VG278H is a 3D monitor supporting nVidia’s 3D Vision 2 technology.

This second generation 3D technology comes with eye glasses with larger lenses, but more importantly there is a new way of managing the glasses and the LED backlight behind the LCD panel. This is intended to create a brighter screen in 3D mode, to make visibility better. In reality the difference is minimal. Acer’s HD274H monitor that uses the “old” 3D Vision technology is almost as bright.

Just like Acer’s model it can be connected via HDMI 1.4 in 3D with a 3D Blu-ray player or a Playstation 3, in addition to the 120Hz 3D signals from a PC. Unfortunately the USES VG278H only has one HDMI port, while the Acer has three of them. One pair of 3D glasses are included. We did think that the large 3D logo on the base was a bit unnecessary.

The brightness in 2D mode is unremarkable and the contrast also doesn’t really impress. The entire greyscale was on the light side, which makes this display less useful for colour-critical work. This deviation is very low however, and both viewing angle and brightness uniformity are quite good. An area where this 120Hz display really shines is with the reaction time. The price, of course, is very high, about £45 more than the Acer 3D monitor.


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