17 27-inch monitors reviewed: a monitor for every budget

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Samsung SyncMaster S27A850D

The second Samsung monitor that we tested is a special model. The S27A850D is one of the first monitors to feature a PLS panel (Plane to Line Switching). This take on IPS was developed by Samsung itself and combines the advantages of IPS with higher efficiency - the panel lets more light through.

This means that the S27A850D has an energy-efficient LED backlight and achieves brightness levels of almost 345 candela. The display has a standard colour range, not the Adobe RGB wide-gamut. It has an appealing, modern design, is height-adjustable, and can be rotated 90 degrees. It is a bit odd though, that the display only has two DVI ports and a DisplayPort connection. Both VGA and HDMI are missing.

The performance of this screen is mixed. The brightness is excellent, but the contrast doesn’t get more than a passing grade. The colour rendering is excellent, and the viewing angle very good. The same is true for the uniformity, which is truly excellent. It is unfortunate that the gamma values are too high in default settings, with dark midrange tones as a result. The S27A850D remains a very interesting monitor still. With an average price of £600 it is one of the cheapest high-res monitors that we tested, and very suitable for gaming, photo editing, and office use.

Samsung S27A850D

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