17 27-inch monitors reviewed: a monitor for every budget

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HP ZR2740W

The fourth high-res monitor in this test is from HP. The ZR2740W has a 2560x1440 IPS panel. The screen has a matte black finish, is height-adjustable, and can be rotated 90 degrees. It has a DVI port and a DisplayPort connection. There is no HDMI, but there is a quad-USB hub.

Contrary to the other high-res monitors we’ve tested, the ZR2740W does not have a wider colour range. This means that sRGB isn’t a problem, but Adobe RGB is not covered completely. Remarkably there is no on-screen menu, so aside from brightness there are no settings to adjust.

Fortunately the white balance is fine with 6784K, since you can’t adjust anything. The brightness uniformity is excellent, which is also the case for the viewing angle. The colour rendering is ok, but not as impressive as other monitors we’ve tested. Input lag is non-existent, and the reaction time is very good for an IPS screen. This makes the ZR2740W an excellent allround monitor, but the relatively high price and the absence of a settings menu prevent us from recommending it.

HP ZR2740w

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