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27 2-bay NAS devices tested

6 January 2014 - 05:58

NAS devices are the all-in-one kitchen appliance, the jack of all trades of the home network. They can do one thing, they can do many things, and often you don't even need all of the features. While it's great to own a £350 top-of-the-line model, it...

Seagate Central 3TB review: User-friendly?

19 July 2013 - 05:58

The Seagate Central 3TB is a relatively basic entry-level NAS. Seagate wants to appeal to end-users who are new to the concept of NAS devices.

Iomega Storcenter ix4-300d review: affordable network storage

26 February 2013 - 05:58

Today we are taking a closer look at the affordable Iomega StorCenter ix4-300d network storage device. Iomega is jointly owned by EMC and Lenovo, and the StorCenter carries the logos of both Iomega and EMC. EMC is known for its large business-oriente...

24 two-bay NAS device group test

14 February 2013 - 05:58

Consumers have more choice than ever when it comes to two-disk NAS devices. Prices are all over the place, and the features range from very basic to impressively advanced and comprehensive. Hardware.Info tested 24 different NAS devices in different p...

Iomega StorCenter px2-300d review: a NAS from EMC and Lenovo

25 December 2012 - 05:58

In recent months we reviewed a number of Iomega NAS devices. The EZ Media & Backup Center and the ix2 are primarily intended for the consumer market. The px2-300d that we are reviewing here is positioned a bit higher, and you could call it a high-end...

Buffalo TeraStation Pro Duo WSS review: NAS with Windows Storage Server

28 August 2012 - 05:58

NAS hardware combined with Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 Workgroup Edition. What does that give you?

16 four- and five-bay NAS devices reviewed

21 April 2012 - 05:59

For most people, a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device with two drive bays will do nicely. However, if you have much more data, a four or five bay NAS may be required. Hardware.Info tested 16 of them.

7 results


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Western Digital My Book Live Duo now available in 8 TB version

6 December 2012 - 09:32

Western Digital has introduced a new My Book Live Duo external hard drive. The drive was already available in capacities of 4 TB and 6 TB, to which an 8 TB model is now added. The available capacity is split across two 4 TB disks. The device supports...

Iomega outs two new NAS devices

19 October 2012 - 15:58

Iomega has developed two new NAS devices, the StorCenter px2-300d and StorCenter ix4-300d. Both models are based on a relatively powerful and versatile Intel Atom processor, feature dual Gigabit LAN and have room for respectively two and four 3.5" SA...

2 results

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Fujitsu Celvin NAS QE707 4TB

2 bay(s), 4000 GB, 3.5 inch, 1000 Mbit/s

Specifications Prices


Avg. £419.14
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LaCie Network Space MAX 4TB

4000 GB, 1000 Mbit/s


Synology RackStation RS214 4TB

2 bay(s), 4000 GB, 2.5 and/or 3.5 inch, Marvell 88F6707, 1000 Mbit/s


Seagate Personal Cloud 4TB

2 bay(s), 4000 GB, 1000 Mbit/s



4000 GB


Buffalo TeraStation Pro Rackmount WSS 4TB

4 bay(s), 4000 GB, 1000 Mbit/s


Buffalo LinkStation Pro Duo 4TB

2 bay(s), 4000 GB, 1000 Mbit/s



4 bay(s), 4000 GB, 1000 Mbit/s


Western Digital My Book World II 4TB

2 bay(s), 4000 GB, 3.5 inch, 1000 Mbit/s


LaCie Ethernet Disk RAID 4TB

4000 GB, 1000 Mbit/s


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