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It has a decent battery life, I give it that, if not for the fact that it occasionally ignores it's battery and shuts off entirely with full charge.

The phone is overall aesthetically pleasing and doesn't take up much space in your pocket, and you can easily change batteries and memory cards.

Quality camera
The Camera is decent, however there's always this weird static effect on every image, especially when it's a little bit dark.

The display is pretty good.

Ease of use

Before I get to this part of the review, I'd like to specify that I never had any viruses on this phone.

Here is where this phone loses all of it's plus points from before. At no point in the two years I've used this phone in have I had the smallest bit of success with it. In fact, I'd argue that I've spent more time waiting until this phone gives any sign of life at all than actually using it. No matter what happened, this phone always disappointed me.

I could want to watch a video on youtube, but I'd be stuck on a white screen for ten minutes before youtube crashed.

I could want to make a call, but the phone would call the contact without letting me talk or even know; It would not show me that a call is active and end the call after not responding again.

I could even try to recieve a call from someone else, but the phone would only vibrate senselessly before giving me a notification that I didn't answer the call. "Answer to what? Who called me?"
Sometimes, calls wouldn't even reach this phone, which almost caused my family to launch a police investigation because my phone's randomly generated bullshit unsettled them just that much.

While trying to set an alarm clock to get me up in the morning, the phone would become so unresponsive that *it lags in between individual vibrations!* I also couldn't turn off the alarm clock for some reason, until I locked the phone, unlocked the phone again only to find that the reason I couldn't turn off the alarm is because "Youtube has stopped responding." Youtube wasn't even turned on at the time.

Every app I tried to start immediately stopped responding, and when the phone couldn't pin the blame on any app anymore because it just booted up, it would give me two notifications that the System UI and Process System have stopped responding and would then reboot.
Sometimes this phone would also boot up even while completely powered on and would then become unresponsive because the System Process was being executed two times simultaneously.

Oh, while we're at the topic of rebooting, I frequently try to reboot my phone because it becomes too unresponsive and it just can't shut down for some reason. For some bizzare reason, I press the off button and wait for the option to reboot or shut down my phone to appear, but it doesn't. Instead I have to wait another ten minutes for the shut down process to finally respond and another fifteen minutes for the phone to finally reboot again.

Even when I tried to do something basic like pressing the home button on another app, this phone would display it's horrendous programming by showing me an array of graphical glitches before giving me multiple runtime errors.

I often listen to music on the train, and this phone can actually do a pretty good job at playing individual sound files, however if one song ends, the phone immediately starts to bug again and I'd have to manually fix the issue again.
Sometimes the phone would start playing music on it's own and I couldn't get it to stop without rebooting it. When it becomes unresponsive like this, it also becomes impossible to change the volume of the music, which my ears had to painfully experience multiple times. My inability to turn of the music when I needed to was also a burden on other people at times.

Speaking of Volume, my phone had some kind of hardware problem which would make the speaker's volume control incredibly inconsistent. I'd often play a song on my speaker, but the first second of it was reasonably loud at maximal volume, before becoming so silent that I had difficulty hearing what song was playing, even while pressing the speaker directly against my ear at full volume. You could imagine how difficult it was to give a presentation when not even me could hear anything from my phone at max volume. I checked, and couldn't find any "intelligent volume control" in the settings

Speaking of "not in the settings", This phone can't display any characters outside of the alphabet. I had to seperately install various font extensions because browsing the internet has become just that much of a pain when I can only read half of what was actually there.

I really gave this phone a chance until the very end, which was started by a loose connection in the headphone jack, followed by a loose connection in the volume control buttons and lastly a loose connection in the charging port, rendering this mess of a mobile phone utterly useless over time.
I should also note that these hardware failures occured mere weeks after my Money Back Guarantee expired.

If these words ever happen to reach the unfortunate soul that under whatever circumstances has taken up an interest in this phone, DON'T! I've made the mistake of buying it for it's relatively low price, but this phone cost me so much more than just money. There are way better alternatives out there.

Disadvantages and advantages

  • It's slow
  • It's full of bugs
  • It never responds
  • This is supposed to run on android?!
  • Why does it work better when you put it in a plastic bag?!
  • There's just too much wrong with it.
  • well... it can power on, I guess?

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Mobistel Cynus F9 Gold

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