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  • if the frames are properly deconstructed and then recompiled. This does not seem to happen. What I found is that it remained as a 60 second clip. Most players e.g. GOM, Real, Windows media player, etc will let you slow the video down to x0.6 which then plays at the correct speed. This seemed to be the easiest option rather than trying to convert the frames per second. The biggest disappointment was the quality of the picture. With 1440 x 1080 pixels per frame I was expecting a sharp and near HD
  • quality digital video. Unfortunately, the picture is grainy and not as clear and sharp as would be projected onto a white screen by a decent quality analogue projector.
  • However, it’s not a total disaster. What you end up with is reasonable for the price and it’s watchable. It’s just not as good as I had hoped. The film transport mechanism is really neat storing images at two frames per second. If a better quality camera could be fitted, more rendering options than just MP4 could be made available, and a choice of frames per second then I think this machine would be a real winner. But in its current form don’t expect crystal clear, sharp, smooth video, because
  • that’s not what is produced. It’s a good attempt at an affordable domestic cine scanner and with a few improvements and refinements from the manufacturer, if they are listening, it could be a must-have piece of kit for the cine archive enthusiast. Maybe it’ll be worth another review in a couple of years ?
  • Light, well put together, neat mechanism for cine film transport.
  • Disadvantages.
  • Doesn’t handle the larger reels of film (which is clearly stated). Only records in MP4 format at 30fps. Most 8mm cine film is shot at 18fps so when it is recorded with the machine it plays back too fast. Reflecta tell you in their manual that this can be remedied using VLC software but my experience was that it just removed frames to obtain the 18fps format and the playback ran at the same speed with lower quality. A 60 second clip at 30fps should take 100 seconds to play when converted to 18fps

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Reflecta Film Scanner Super 8 Normal 8


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