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I wanted to add a 2nd VGA display to my laptop.
Laptop (HP Pavilion 15) has a single USB-C port.
Value Line device is described as providing a VGA port; powered and signalled via the host's USB-C port.
Laptop is Windows 10 (version 1709) that supports the Alt Display via a USB-C port.

Whilst the USB-A port works fine, supporting my wireless mouse, the VGA port has NEVER worked. I don't have a native USB-C external device to test the third USB-C port on this multiple port device.

Searching has yet to identify an up-to-date software driver for this device. Current software driver is dated 2006.

There is no information whether there is a Windows 10 registry setting inhibiting correct operation.

Awaiting delivery of HP's own USB-C to VGA connector purchased from the HP Store. This indicates that HP expects their laptop to support a 2nd display via this route.

On balance, I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND this device due to the apparent lack of detailed technical support.

Disadvantages and advantages

  • VGA port has never worked.
  • Cannot find up-to-date device specific software driver.
  • Current software driver dated 2006.
  • USB-A port works fine.

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Valueline VLCP64760W02

USB C, VGA, USB A, USB C, 0.2 m


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