Hardware.Info Ultimate Product Award

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What do the Hardware.Info Awards mean?

Great Value: This product offers a superb price-performance balance. The buyer receives a lot of product for his investment; the product functions as promised. Possibly it has a few less functions or could use some polishing, but the price more than makes up for that.

Excellent Choice: This product is one of the best in its class, and recommended by Hardware.Info as such. Our tests show no shortcomings, while the features and performance justify the price. In short, an excellent product that you can safely purchase.

Ultimate Product: This is a unique, innovative, possibly even revolutionary product, that at the same time represents the ultimate choice in its class. Ultimate products offer a rare combination of innovation and quality. The price is not a factor; this award recognises a special achievement.

Innovation Award: Some products are truly innovative with the potential to change the market, but they are not yet entirely developed. This makes them an investment with pros and cons for many buyers, but we recognise the innovation the product offers with this award.

Community Award: Every year, the readers and visitors of Hardware.Info bestow the Hardware.Info Community awards on the products and brands that according to them played a leading role in the past year. The editioral team is not directly involved and only facilitates the elections for these awards.

Hardware.Info Awards Terms of use

If you are a manufacturer or reseller of a product that has won a Hardware.Info award either online or in Hardware.Info Magazine, you are entitled to use the accompanying logo on your website and/or in your advertisements. Before you use a Hardware.Info Award logo on your website or elsewhere, please keep in mind the following terms of use.

  1. Use of the Hardware.Info Award logos is only allowed for manufacturers and resellers or their representatives of products which have won the respective awards in a Hardware.Info publication. The award logos may only be used in relation to the products on which they have been bestowed. Any other use of the Hardware.Info Award logos is explicitly not allowed.
  2. The logo may be placed on any background, as long as there is sufficient contrast between the logo and the background. Please pay attention to the white border around the award and the required space for display of the date in the logo. This white border is part of the logo and may not be removed or made transparent.
  3. There should be no graphical elements around the logo that can distract from the logo, e.g. text, logos, images or distracting patterns.
  4. The minimal space around the logo should be the same height as the H in Hardware.Info in the logo.
  5. The logo should be legible, with at the very minium the date and the Hardware.Info logo being legible.
  6. Wilt u niet een Hardware.Info Award gebruiken maar het algemene Hardware.Info logo? Dit mag alleen na uitdrukkelijke toestemming van de Persgroep Online Services B.V. Neem voor meer informatie contact op met info@hardware.info.

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