Samsung 750 Evo 250GB

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Brand Samsung
Product name 750 Evo 250GB
Productserie 750 Evo
Productgroep Hard disks/SSDs
MPN MZ-750250BW
EAN / UPC 8806088101781

SSD, 250 GB, Serial ATA 600, Samsung MGX (S4LN062X01), 540 MB/s, 520 MB/s, 2.5 inch

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Samsung 750 Evo 250GB: Barely slower than the 850 Evo, just cheaper!

With the 750 Evo Samsung offers a mid-way point between the real budget-SSDs such as the Crucial BX200 and OCZ Trion 150, that perform worse, and high-end SSDs such as the 950 Pro and Intel SSD 750. By doing this it actually takes over this role from the 850 Evo, just at a lower price point.

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Samsung 750 Evo 120 and 250 GB SSD review: the cheaper brother

16 June 2016 - 04:59

The competition is quite heavy in SSD-land. Samsung introduces a new model, the 750 Evo, that is placed below the popular 850 Evo. A successful attempt?

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