Linksys USB3GIG-EJ

Brand Linksys
Product name USB3GIG-EJ
Productgroep Network adapters
EAN / UPC 0745883669622
All network adapters

Wired, USB 3.0, Losse module, 1000 Mbit/s

Hardware.Info Excellent Choice Award

Linksys USB3GIG-EJ: A high-performing USB 3.0 adapter at a reasonable price

If your computer does not have an Ethernet port, this adapter gives you high network speeds via a USB 3.0 plug. This does not cost you a fortune either.

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13 USB 3.0 gigabit adapters review: lifelines

7 December 2017 - 04:59

Wireless connections are very useful, but at your own work spot a CAT cable is always preferable. More and more laptops lack the network port these days. A USB adaptor is a good solution in this case.

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