EVGA SuperNova G2 750W

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Brand EVGA
Product name SuperNova G2 750W
Productserie SuperNova G2
Productgroep Power supplies
MPN 220-G2-0750-XR
EAN / UPC 4250812402769

750 W, 92 %, 80 Plus Gold, Modular, 62.4 A

EVGA SuperNova G2 750W reviews door Hardware.Info 2 reviews

39 700-850W power supplies review: power for your Skylake-X or Threadripper

18 December 2017 - 04:59

Skylake-X and Threadripper CPUs, and GTX 1080 Ti and Vega GPUs have one thing in common: they consume a lot of power. If you want to build a high-end system, you have to choose a fitting power supply. We help you choose one!

750-850 watt power supply units: 39 models tested

17 November 2015 - 15:45

For a serious graphics card you would need a power supply unit that has a higher current than 650W. 36 out of the 39 tested PSUs have that and more.

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