Sparkle Introduces Calibre P860 Graphic 8600GT with 512MB and LED

By , source: Sparkle

Sparkle has annouced theCalibre P860 graphic card, powered by an nVidia GeForce 8600 GT graphics processing unit (GPU), the Calibre P860 graphic card enables exceptional performance at price points PC gamers love.

The Calibre P860 graphic card utilizes NVIDIA's unified architecture to deliver the fine graphics and visual special effects. The Calibre P860 runs at 630MHz core speed, 1620MHz memory speed and 1386MHz shader clock, and its high speed 512MB GDDR3 video memory helps in handling the large texture sizes used in modern games. The Calibre P860 graphic card fully supports SLI technology, Microsoft DirectX 10 and Shader Model 4.0. Thanks to NVIDIA PureVideo HD technology, the Calibre P860 graphic card can provide Blue-ray and HD DVD movie picture quality to HD video enthusiasts.


The P860 features a LED display able to show the temperature of the GPUT or the temperature of the PCB, this can aid in overclocking the card or be used to keep the powerconsumption at the lowest possible level.

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