MSI gets world's first HDMI Certification

By , source: MSI press release

MSI has successfully passed the inspection test by HDMI ATC in July 2006 and was the World's first to receive Graphics Card HDMI Certification. MSI graphics cards have gone through thorough research and development to establish the HDMI compatibility of MSI graphics cards to bring better performance and new technology to PC users.

HDMI, the latest audio/video interface standard with only one cable required to connect to HDTV screen and HDTV Speakers, and is able to transmit high resolution digital video and 7.1 surround-sound audio quality. For bringing users consistent experience, HDMI Workshop has regulated a guideline for this latest standard to ensure all HDMI-compliant equipment is compatible with each other.


MSI NX7600GT Diamond Plus is the first graphics card equipped with the HDMI technology today. Along with HDMI compatibility, the audio/video signals on PC will be correspondingly transmitted to HDTV LCD or Plasma TV. In addition, MSI NX7600GT Diamond Plus has the solid and powerful 3D engine technology that is compliant to the most 3D games available on the market nowadays.

With the exclusive D.O.T. II Dynamic Over-clocking Technology, on MSI NX7600GT Diamond Plus users will also enjoy the astonishing visual reality and HD-audio contributed from MSI's 3D performance and HDMI technology through a home theater PC.

MSI D.O.T. II enables supreme overclocking, cooling and, de-noise performance. This advanced overclocking engine, designed to deliver up to 10% extra performance.

* 6-Scale Dynamic Auto Overclocking
* Easy Optimization of the GPU & Memory Speed for the Maximum Performance:
* Detecting Wise Frees You from Over-Heated & Over-Speed
* Overclocking Speeds are MSI Stability Guarantee

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