Adaptec introduces low profile SAS controllers

By , source: Adaptec press release

Adaptec, Inc. announced two additions to its HostRAID controller family based on the Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) standard -- the Adaptec Serial Attached SCSI 44300 and Adaptec Serial Attached SCSI 58300. With integrated software-based data protection, mini SAS connectors, and a low-profile form factor, the Adaptec SAS 44300 and 58300 are ideal entry-level solutions for customers actively seeking reliable data storage for applications such as video, database or email.

Unique to Adaptec, HostRAID provides RAID data protection through software, a solution that is significantly more cost-effective for entry-level server and workstation environments. Adaptec HostRAID includes RAID levels 1, 0, and 10 that leverage data mirroring and striping to achieve a variety of performance and fault tolerant data protection options.

"As organizations deal with the rapid growth of information, they are seeking storage solutions that meet requirements for more capacity at lower costs without sacrificing performance," said Brad Nisbet, program manager, IDC Storage Systems. "Companies like Adaptec are helping to drive the adoption of serial technologies by broadening the selection of SAS solutions on the market, enabling a wider variety of businesses to enjoy the performance and reliability benefits of SAS regardless of their size or network sophistication."

"With these two new entry-level offerings, Adaptec is the first company to bring the benefits of SAS technology to a much broader base of users," said Tim Connolly, vice president of marketing for the Data Protection Solutions Group at Adaptec. "As with our other SAS products, the 44300 and 58300 are built on Adaptec's unified serial architecture that allows customers the flexibility to deploy storage solutions with either economical SATA or high performance SAS disk drives."

The Adaptec Serial Attached SCSI 44300 card is an economical solution designed for companies who want to implement SAS on workstations and servers that maintain critical information including email, video or database storage. The Adaptec Serial Attached SCSI 58300, with two x4 external connectors, is designed to connect to one or more SAS JBODs or RAID subsystems and is an ideal solution for companies that need to deploy large amounts of storage with optimal scalability options combined with SAS performance and flexibility.

Adaptec SAS 58300

Adaptec SAS 44300 and 58300 Feature:

  • Universal Serial Architecture enabling the use of both SAS and SATA hard disk drives for optimal flexibility, capacity and performance options;
  • Standard PCI-X 64 bit/133 MHz host interface;
  • Adaptec HostRAID -- an integrated software RAID technology thatmaximizes system performance and uptime by offering RAID 0, 1 and 10 data protection;
  • Mini SAS connectors and a low-profile form factor enabling companies to utilize these controllers in workstations and mid- to low-end servers;
  • Up to eight direct-attached drives and up to 128 devices using expander technology.

Pricing and Availability

The Adaptec Serial Attached SCSI 44300 and 58300 are currently shipping and available through distribution partners and resellers. Both products are also available through the Adaptec online store. Pricing begins at $250 MSRP for the 44300 and $360 MSRP for the 58300.

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