Promise brings 16 port SATA-RAID adapter to the market

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Promise Technology introduced its high-performance, sixteen-port SuperTrak EX16350 and EX16300 RAID Controllers. The new SuperTrak EX16350 and EX16300 provide advanced RAID6 fault tolerance using technology with hardware acceleration. They will be displayed at the Storage Community and 64-bit Device Driver Community Showcase exhibits at the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco this week; in addition, Promise will also demonstrate RAID 6 support for multiple drive failures.

RAID 6 is an emerging technology for shared storage systems and high-capacity SATA disk arrays used in many servers today. With double parity coding, RAID 6 provides an extra layer of redundancy for high capacity, low-cost storage, and delivering the highest level of reliability and data protection.

A high-performance, sixteen-port SATA RAID Controller design with hardware acceleration provided by the Intel IOP333/IOP331 I/O processor with Intel XScale technology designed for RAID 6 data protection, the SuperTrak EX16350 & EX16300 are suited for high-capacity storage applications such as disk-to-disk backup, NAS and nearline storage, security/surveillance, and video editing.

"We, at Promise, in our leadership role in the development of RAID 6, are expanding our offerings, with a level of security and data protection in storage for servers and external solutions, to satisfy the growing demand for RAID 6 level of data-protection" said Suresh Panikar, vice president of worldwide channel sales and marketing for Promise Technology, Inc. "Our extensive experience in the SATA RAID market uniquely positions Promise to deliver best-in-class, cost-effective data storage solutions combining superior technology and unmatched reliability for a variety of business needs."

"Hardware acceleration is vital to RAID 6, and Intel was the first to deliver it via a commercially available I/O processor," said Mike Wall, general manager, Intel Storage Group Marketing. "The Intel IOP331 I/O processor is crucial to meeting the needs of Promise's cost-conscious customers, who need enterprise-class data protection in SMB-priced solutions. We are dedicated to working together with companies such as Promise to advance availability of standards-based building blocks so that companies of all sizes can protect their critical data more effectively."

Intelligent RAID Architecture
The SuperTrak EX16350 & EX16300 deliver exceptional multi-drive performance by taking advantage of the Intel IOP333/IOP331 processor based on Intel XScale technology. It offers advanced RAID 6 technology for high fault tolerance, allowing two simultaneous drive failures without downtime or data loss. Designed specifically for RAID 6 applications, the highly integrated Intel IOP333/IOP331 I/O processor with Intel XScale technology includes an 800MHz CPU, PCI-X bus, dual-ported memory controller, and an integrated P+Q acceleration engine.

Linux Open Source
Promise recognizes the importance of the Open Source Initiative (OSI) and is working to provide open source drivers for all their HBA products. As a continuation of our commitment to OSI, the new SuperTrak EX16350/EX16300 and the currently shipping EX8350/8300 all offer Linux open source drivers for kernel 2.4 and 2.6. Future product offerings from the SuperTrak EX series will also continue to fully support the OSI.

Promise SuperTrak EX16350

Key Features of SuperTrak EX16350/ EX16300 with RAID 6 Capability
Offering high port counts and support for RAID 6, the SuperTrak line consists of cost-effective, high-performance, high-capacity SATA 3Gb/s RAID controllers for demanding server and storage applications. The key features of the SuperTrak EX16350/EX16300 include:

* 16-Port, 3Gb/s low-profile SATA RAID controller with PCI-E (EX16350) & PCI-X (EX16300) host bus interfaces
* Full open source Linux driver architecture
* Support for RAID levels 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50 and JBOD
* Intel IOP333/IOP331 I/O processor with Intel XScale technology
* Multiple logical drive and multiple LUN support, enabling users to combine different RAID levels on one set of disks
* Multiple application and OS support on the same storage system
* Automatic/manual rebuild of hot spare drive
* PerfectRAID technology for robust error handling and recovery
* Online array expansion, RAID level migration add capacity when and as needed
* Optional battery backup module to protect cached data
* Web-based Promise Array Manager (WebPAM) software for easy, browser-based storage management

Through its strategic technology alliance program, Promise partners with leading host adapter vendors such as Alacritech and QLogic, and hard drive vendors Fujitsu, Hitachi, Maxtor, Seagate, and Western Digital to offer seamless support and interoperability with the Promise SATA 3Gb/s line of RAID storage arrays. Supporting quotes follow this release.

Price and Availability
The SuperTrak EX16350 will be available in March through the worldwide Promise distribution network, with a suggested list price of $849. The SuperTrak EX16300 will begin shipping a month later.

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