Polaroid to sell $1000 4K-television

By , source: TheVerge

2013 was the year of television with a 4K resolution, or 3840x2160 pixels. In 2014, the availability of these displays will further increase and the prices are likely to drop slightly. Polaroid has taken a step in the right direction, introducing a 4K-television that will retail at $999.99.

The television isn't actually manufactured by Polaroid, but by Empire Electronics, a manufacturer that's purchased a license to sell products under Polaroid's name. As of yet, a single 50-inch model has been announced, but other models, ranging in size from 32-inch to 69-inch, should make a debut later this year. Apart from 3 HDMI ports, no technical specifications have been revealed thus far. We'll undoubtedly see more of this and other 4K televisions at next week's CES conference.

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