Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is region-locked

By , source: Electronista

Consumers that travel around the globe are often faced by unexpectedly high phone bills. As such, they usually resort to a local prepaid SIM card for temporary use. This method won't work on Samsung's latest Galaxy Note 3 smartphone, as the Korean manufacturer has decided to make the handset region-locked. A sticker on the Note 3's box shows that smartphones purchased in Europe can not be used with SIM cards from other parts of the world, and vice versa.

Samsung's German branch revealed that all Note 3 devices produced after July of 2013 will be region-locked. These devices haven't yet been shipped. Samsung Germany claims that the region lock will disappear when the phone is registered to a telecom provider in the 'home continent', which would allow international SIM cards to work as well. If you forget to register your Note 3, you can do so abroad as well through one of Samsung's service partners. It is said that the Galaxy S2, S3, S4, S4 Mini and Note all feature the same regional lockout.


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