IDF: DDR4 and Haswell-E(P) demonstrated


At the Technology Showcase conference, which is part of the Intel Developer Forum, several memory manufacturers, including Samsung, Micron, Kingston and G.Skill, have shown modules based on the new DDR4 standard. By demonstrating working DDR4 memory, we implicitly saw operational Haswell-E(P) systems as well.

DDR4 is the successor to DDR3 and offers higher frequencies (2133 MHz will be the standard), but most of all, a lower power consumption. The new memory standard will first be used with the high-end Haswell-E platform for desktops, and the Haswell-EP platform for servers. These processors, based on Socket 2011-3, will feature a quad-channel DDR4 memory controller.

Also present at the conference was an Intel DDR4 reference platform, equipped with an Haswell-E processor and an X99 chipset motherboard. We also found a demo showing a 14-core Haswell-E server chip with DDR4 memory.

Intel has yet to make any announcements regarding Haswell-E(P) at IDF, so no details are currently available on its performance. Leaked roadmaps reveal that Haswell-E and Haswell-EP will be available in the 2nd half of 2014, roughly a year from now.

The images below are courtesy of VR-Zone and Computerbase.

Haswell-E with 14 cores / 28 threads.

A leaked slide on the Haswell-E platform for high-end desktops

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