AMD confirms Kaveri for 2014; FX-series to disappear?

By , source: VR-Zone, VR-Zone

There's been some uncertainty regarding the release of AMD's Kaveri chips. Earlier reports mentioned that Kaveri has been delayed until 2014. AMD however stated to VR-Zone that everything is going as planned and that the processors aren't delayed at all.

It all started with a post by AMD's Lisa Su during Computex 2013, which indicated Kaveri's launch would be the second half of this year. Behind closed doors, OEMs were informed that Kaveri wouldn't actually be available until mid-February.

AMD has informed VR-Zone that the Kaveri processors were always meant to ship in 2013, with general availability following in early 2014. Mobile Kaveri chips will be available in the first half of 2014. With this, AMD has officially confirmed that Kaveri won't actually be available until the first half of 2014, clearing up any confusion about the launch date.

Other documents, obtained by VR-Zone, state that AMD's current flagship processor, the FX-9590, will be the last FX-chip. If this is true, then the Bulldozer-based FX-series is quite short-lived, given how it's only been around since Q4 of 2011.

Kaveri will ship in 2013, but won't be available to consumers until Q1 of 2014


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