AMD and LibreOffice working together on GPU-acceleration

By , source: ITProPortal

Earlier this week, LibreOffice officially reported that AMD has taken place in the so-called 'Document Foundation'. The company will cooperate with the developers of LibreOffice to accelerate certain calculations in the free Calc spreadsheet software (comparable to Microsoft's Excel) using the graphics card.

The developer of LibreOffice confirmed to Arstechnica that the software performs quite poorly when large data sets are used, a problem which could be solved by GPU-acceleration. The same holds true for virtually all systems, as the code to facilitate the optimisations will be written in OpenCL, a standard supported by AMD, Nvidia and Intel's graphics chips. In case your GPU isn't supported, you could still see a performance boost, as there's currently a lot of bad and redundant code. LibreOffice will resolve that issue by rewriting the kernel of the software.

The GPU-acceleration in LibreOffice Calc will be of particular interest for relatively slow processors with a reasonable video chip, as is often the case with entry-level AMD APUs.

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