DirectX 11.2 exclusive to Xbox One and Windows 8.1

By , source: Softpedia, Microsoft

At the San Francisco 'Build Developers Conference', Microsoft announced that the next iteration of DirectX, which will be known as DirectX 11.2, is exclusive to the Xbox One and Windows 8.1. One of the biggest improvements in the DirectX 11.2 update is a new method named 'Tiled Resources', which allows for significant enhancing of in-game textures.

Microsoft also demonstrated the new Tiled Resources technique with a model of Mars and Graphine's Granite flight simulator. The Mars texture was roughly 3 GB, while only 16 MB of memory was available on the graphics card. The second demonstration showed a remarkably detailed island with gliders constructed out of 64 megapixels. This resulted in a total of 4 GB of textures. Using conventional techniques, such level of detail simply can't be accomplished. Tiled Resources makes it possible to access both the graphics card's memory and the traditional RAM, thus creating one large buffer where the big textures can be stored on the system's RAM.

DirectX 11.2 also promises a reduced delay for applications run on top of an API, which allows for more responsive interfaces. DX11.2 also brings a number of optimisations and improvements, including the pre-compiling of HLSL shaders, GPU overlay support, and frame buffer scaling. A full list can be found here.

Thanks to the large memory capacity of the Xbox One, the level of detail games offer could be increased b quite a bit. For PC gamers, the update might stimulate them to make the change to Windows 8.

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