Steamroller cores on leaked 2013 AMD roadmap

By , source: ComputerBase

The German website ComputerBase claims to have acquired an official AMD pdf file with information on the manufacturer's processor line-up for 2013. The roadmap in the document mentions various processors, as well as graphics cards, that will be available in the mobile and OEM segments. Unfortunately, when it comes to graphics cards, the roadmap is limited to a few new names. It appears as though the existing GPUs for OEM and laptop manufacturers will simply be updated to the 8xxx numbering.

The document does hold more interesting information on processors: in addition to the Kabini and Temash processors, the Kaveri APUs are listed. Kaveri is slated for the third quarter of this year in both the desktop and mobile market. This third generation of A-series chips features 28 nm Steamroller cores, and will be used in high-performance notebooks and mid-range desktop systems. The roadmap also shows that Kaveri will use a new motherboard socket, FM2+. Application support for HSA, or Heterogenous System Architecture, is also listed for the new 28nm A-series APUs.

For desktops, the FX Vishera processors with Piledriver cores remain the fastest chips AMD has to offer this year. The Piledriver cores will also be featured in the manufacturer's server chips, at least until the end of this year.

AMD's  2013 roadmap for mobile devices

The desktop processors

The OEM graphics cards

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