Specifications AMD Radeon HD9970 leaked

By , source: High Tech Review, Softpedia

Information has leaked on AMD's upcoming series of graphics cards. This includes specifications of the Volcanic Islands top model. If we are to believe Softpedia and the leaked roadmaps, the HD 9000-series won't be launched until the end of this year.

The info reveals that the Volcanic Islands cards will be based on 20 nm technology and use Gate-Last transistors. The Radeon HD9970 GPU is expected to have 4096 stream processors, four geometry engines, 16 serial processor units, 256 Texture Mapping Units (TMU) and 64 Render Output Units (ROP). A 512-bits memory interface is mentioned, as well as GDDR5 memory.

Although it's not certain, the roadmaps suggest that the HD 8000 series of desktop graphics cards will be skipped. These cards will be available for mobile devices though.

Specificaties AMD Radeon HD9970 gelektImage source: Softpedia

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