Scythe debuts high-end Ashura CPU-cooler

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Late January, Scythe unveiled its Ashura CPU-cooler, which has now become officially available. The Ashura weighs 895 grams, has dimensions of 145 x 161 x 65 mm and is compatible with all recent sockets of both AMD and Intel.

The copper base plate draws away the processor's heat, which is then spread across the aluminium fins by six copper heatpipes. The tower model cooler can be equipped with a 140 mm fan. Scythe has bundled one of its own GlideStream PWM fans, which ranges in speed from 500 to 1300 RPM. Optionally, a second fan can be added to the cooler, allowing for a push-pull configuration. The mounting clips required for such a setup are bundled with the cooler.

The designers have ensured that the height of the cooler will allow it to fit in most chassis, while also staying clear of tall memory modules. To properly secure the cooler, Scythe has revised its mounting mechanism, which should result in a simpler and quicker installation.

Scythe's Ashura (SCASR-1000) currently resides on our test lab, so expect a review shortly. The new CPU-cooler has a recommended price of €44 (£38).

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Scythe Ashura

Socket 1150/1151/1155/1156, Socket 2011/2066, Socket AM4, 750 gram, 140 mm

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