Different HTC One versions with different displays?

By , source: XDA Developers

We were very impressed by the HTC One when we reviewed it, particularly the screen was beautiful. It now appears that HTC is using two or three different LCD panels for the One, according to users on the XDA Developers forum. They found significant differences in the maximum brightness reported by different reviewers. 

According them, the difference in brightness between screen type I and II is more than 25 percent. There now even seems to be a third display, seen on only one site but with much higher brightness and contrast. It's clear that at least two different panels have been used, one of which is significantly less bright. It's allegedly one from Sharp, and one from JDI, a consortium of Sony, Toshiba and Hitachi that makes high-resolution small screens. The brightness has an impact on how well you can see the phone outdoors in bright light, and also the battery life. The color temperature influences how 'real' photos and videos look. 

Thus far it seems that most HTC Ones have the brighter of the two screens. The less bright ones also appear to be sold in combination with subscriptions from providers, not stand-alone. In theory that could mean that these phones were made especially for these providers in order to keep prices below a certain point.

It's not uncommon for manufacturers to use multiple suppliers for components, in order to make sure that supplies don't run out if a certain supplier is temporarily out of a component. The differences between the two panels is significant enough that we can imagine that consumers will have a preference for one or the other. 

Here you can read how to identify which panel your HTC One has. We're eager to hear your experiences, so if you're the proud owner of an HTC One, please let us know in the comments which panel yours has. And if you happen to own a colorimeter, we'd love to read your measurements of the maximum brightness, contrast and color temperature.

HTC One: twee verschillende panels in omloop?
HTC One: available with two differen panels? (the photo above is not real)


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