New hardware revision required to fix Haswell's USB 3.0 issues

By , source: Fudzilla

Last month, it became known that Intel was dealing with a number of issues regarding the USB 3.0 implementation of its Haswell architecture. The fourth generation of Intel Core processors is slated for released around June. The issues arise when a Haswell chip is restored from the S3 sleep mode, which could inadvertently disconnect USB 3.0 devices.

Intel doesn't want to let the problems delay the Haswell platform. In order to solve the issues though, a new chipset revision would be required. Intel describes the problem as a 'nuisance', and will fix it in a future chipset revision.

It's not the first time that Intel is troubled by motherboard woes. In 2011, the SATA-300 problems of the Cougar Chipset were faulty, after which a recall action was started to exchange all boards that had already shipped. Luckily, the USB 3.0 issue is far less critical.

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