CeBIT: Be Quiet intros Shadow Rock 2 CPU-cooler


Back in 2011, German manufacturer Be Quiet developed the Shadow Rock Pro, a tower model cooler with four 8 mm thick heatpipes and equipped with a 120 mm fan. Be Quiet has now created a second iteration of the cooler, called Shadow Rock 2.

The Shadow Rock 2 is currently on display at the CeBIT conference and is quite a bit larger than its predecessor. It also features four 8 mm thick heatpipes to improve heat dissipation. Unlike Be Quiet's high-end coolers, the new Shadow Rock 2 doesn't have a black finish. Instead, a polished aluminium cover is featured, which gives it a sleek appearance. It's expected that the new cooler performs similarly to the more expensive Dark Rock Pro 2. Details are not yet available.

The Be Quiet Dark Rock 2 will be released shortly. The cooler will cost roughly €45 (£39).

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Be quiet! Shadow Rock Pro SR1

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