USB 3.0 problems for Intel's Haswell


Intel intends to introduce a new 'tock' (denoting a new CPU architecture) around the middle of this year. However, the company is struggling with the USB 3.0 implementation in its upcoming Haswell products, as this fourth generation Intel Core processors is widely known. This is what Hardware.Info learnt from a reliable source and saw confirmed in an internal document from one of the processor manufacturing giant's partners.

In the document, Intel purportedly informs manufacturers that a system with Haswell inside, when waking from S3 sleep mode, will experience issues with devices connected through USB 3.0. For example this would result in blank pages displaying in Acrobat Reader PDFs or video playback stopping, rather than continuing. A quick fix would be to restart the failing application.

For that reason, Intel apparently describes the problem only as a nuisance for end users, as there would be no serious consequences like data loss. The company indicates the issues will not impact the release of the Haswell processor series, but it is of the intention of resolving this problem in a future processor stepping. So it looks like Haswell will launch as planned, even if the company is still researching what other consequences this issue can possibly have.

It is worth noting that Intel is requesting its partners to accept this issue, before it will supply them with processors.

Hardware.Info asked Intel spokesperson Kristof Sehmke for a reaction. His response: "While we don’t comment on rumors about future products I can tell you that Intel remains on track for the first 4th generation Intel Core processors to come to market starting in mid-2013."

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