Raspberry Pi model A available at $25

By , source: Raspberry Pi [1], Raspberry Pi [2]

Last year, Raspberry Pi started producing model A of its successful mini-PC. At the time, it became clear that the device would be produced in the United Kingdom, bearing a recommended price of just $25 . The manufacturer has now stated that model A has been shipped and is now available to the public.

THe motherboard features a Broadcom BCM2835 processor, 256 MB of memory, an HDMI 1.4 connector and a USB-port. The ethernet connector found on the B model is absent on this version. The mini PC is best suited for use as a simple HTPC or in industrial applications. Because of the lower power consumption compared to the B model, several other applications could be thought of for the device, such as battery or solar-powered computers.

Raspberry Pi is currently working on a camera module for its systems. At the moment, optimization of the drivers and software is taking place. It's expected that the module will be available within a month or two. 

The Raspberry Pi model B costs $35 , while model A has a $25 pricetag. Both motherboards can be acquired through Premier Farnell - Element 14.

De Raspberry Pi model A (boven) en de camera module

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