Apple discontinues Mac Pro desktops in Europe

By , source: MacRumors, BGR, Golem

Although the series hasn't received a proper update in ages, the discontinuation of Apple's Mac Pro systems still comes as a blow to its loyal following. Apple has stated that it will cease to sell Mac Pro desktops in March of this year. The reason for this sudden stop is a legal one: the current machines are not compliant with the first amendment of the European international standard IEC 609650-1, second edition, which comes into force March 1st.

Yesterday, the manufacturer sent out a message to all distributors that Mac Pros can be sold until March 1st. The news applies to all European countries, including candidate countries, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland. Orders for the systems will be processed until February 18th.

Perhaps anticipating this event, Apple mentioned that 2013 will bring a new line of Mac Pro systems in June of last year already.

The new standard concerns safety regulation and the German site reports that at least two aspects of the current Mac Pro don't meet these standards: the absence of fan guards on the inside of the system and protection of the power connector.

2010 Mac Pro
(image source: MacRumors)


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