Sharp 32-inch monitor with 4K resolution costs 4500 euro

By , source: Sharp

Sharp has introduced a new 32-inch monitor, featuring an IGZO-panel with a 3840x2160 pixel resolution. The 4K monitor is called PN-K321H and is just 35 millimetres thick.

The Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide (IGZO) screen technology is based on a semiconducting material with high electron mobility. The technique allows for a greater pixel transparency than alternative methods, thus requiring less LEDs for its backlight. The result it that the panels can be made thinner and are quite a bit more efficient.

Sharp's PN-K321H is intended for a colour critic audience, including CAD users, illustrators and graphics designers. The available workspace can be divided into four Full HD panels, an ideal solution for financial monitoring and multitasking.

Connectivity includes RS-232C and DisplayPort. Sharp's new monitor is to cost around €4500 (£3835).

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