Intel Celeron D347 overclocked to 8452.67 MHz

By , source: Hwbot

Overclocker Wytiwx has set a new world record for Intel processors when it comes to clock frequency.

Intel's Celeron D347 is a LGA 775 processor with a standard clock speed of 3.06 GHz. Wytiwx was able to overclock the chip to an impressive 8452.67 MHz. The final clock frequency was reached by combining a 367.51 MHz bus speed with a 23x multiplier.

To prevent it from overheating, the 65 nm "Cedar Mill" chip was kept chilled by means of liquid nitrogen. Wytiwx used ASUS' P5E64 WS Evolution motherboard, combined with DDR3 memory.  A video of the new record can be seen below. The record for highest overall clock frequency is still held by AMD, whose FX-8150 chip was overclocked to 8709 MHz.

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