Gizmo Explorer: AMD's answer to the Raspberry Pi

By , source: Gizmosphere, Extremetech

After the success of the Raspberry Pi, a lot of manufacturers have hopped on the bandwagon to develop their own mini developer systems. A few days ago, we saw VIA's Rock and Paper, two affordable Android-based computers. AMD has also joined the market: in a collaboration with Sage Electronic Engineering, it has unveiled its own counterpart of the popular Raspberry Pi.

The Gizmo Explorer, as the system is called, is in a whole different price league than the Pi though; the mini PC costs no less than $199. It does offer more performance, as AMD has opted for a G-series APU, which is a dual-core x86 chip clocked at 1 GHz. The integrated Radeon GPU has a 280 MHz clock frequency and can use part of the 1 GB of memory to gain a performance boost. In terms of connectivity, the Gizmo also has more options than the Raspberry Pi, including a 15-pin VGA-connector which supports video up to 1080p, a 10/100 Mbits ethernet port, SATA connector, 2x USB 2.0 and three audio jacks. The board has dimensions of roughly 10 x 10 centimetres and AMD has specified a TDP of under 10 watts.

Although AMD's creation doesn't come with a chassis, the manufacturer does bundle plenty of accessories. Apart from the Gizmo Explorer board itself, a so-called 'Companion Board' is added. This is an expansion module which connects to the Gizmo and allows extra features to be added, for instance an LCD micro screen, or an alphanumeric keypad through the GPIO-header. AMD also bundles a Sage SmartProbe JTAG developer's kit, although it can be used freely only 20 hours. The CD comes with a trial version of the Sage EDK developer's suite, which lasts 30 days. USB and Ethernet cables, as well as the required power adaptor, complete the box contents.

The Gizmo Explorer can be ordered by sending an email, the specific details can be found on GizmoSphere's website.

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