AMD: x86-architecture to remain important for three more decades

By , source: Xbit

Lately, an increasing number of manufacturers has been moving towards ARM-architecture, a development which may be accelerated by the launch of Windows 8. While AMD has plans to produce several System-On-a-Chips, the manufacturer states that the x86 instruction set will remain part of their core business. Xbit Labs, however, reports that it may be an attempt to deal with rumours that AMD may cease the production of high-end desktop processors.

At a conference earlier this week, Rory Read, AMD CEO, mentioned that the x86 architecture will make up a huge part of the company for the next five to ten years. He even claimed that x86 applications will continue to exist at least 25 to 30 years from now, performing tasks similar to their current use in complex mainframes.

Rory Read has faith in the life expectancy of the x86-processor architecture

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