AMD Radeon 8000 series expected in Q2 of 2013

By , source: Fudzilla

For quite some time now, there's been speculation on the specifications of AMD's upcoming Radeon 8000 series of graphics cards. An industry source now reports that the 28 nm Sea Islands cards will be launched in the second quarter of 2013, despite persistent rumours of it being available in Q1 of the next year. Some optimists even reported on a 2012 launch.

As it seems now, the Radeon 8000 cards will use 28 nm and the TDPs of these models won't vary too much from the current graphics cards. Earlier rumours mentioned that the HD 8870 will be significantly faster, while its pricetag should appeal to a broader audience. Unfortunately, these sources weren't very reliable, so it remains a mystery in what form AMD's future cards will be released.

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