Intel's Haswell the last interchangeable processor?

By , source: Xbit

The Japanese website PC Watch reports that the end of interchangeable CPUs is in sight. Haswell, Intel's upcoming architecture, to be released in the next year, may very well be the last of its kind. The Broadwell chips, to appear in 2014, will reportedly already be of the BGA type. This means that the CPU is soldered to the motherboard, something Intel does with its Atom chips, and AMD with its Fusion processors. Most laptops also use this type of 'socket'. 

The advantage to this technique is that systems can be made thinner, which could lead to more powerful tablets, laptops and all-in-ones. The major downside is that consumers won't be able to upgrade their CPU anymore without replacing the motherboard as well. It wouldn't be a positive evolution for motherboard manufacturers either, as they would have to create a large amount of boards featuring different processors.

The report states that it will be just mid-range CPUs that will be soldered to the board. High-end chips and sockets, such as the successor to the current LGA 2011 platform, will still be available in the conventional LGA form. Intel has not yet replied to the story.

Only high-end processors will be interchangeable soon? 

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