Camera shootout: Samsung Galaxy S III vs S III mini


Earlier this week we compared the video quality of the Samsung Galaxy S III, Apple iPhone 5, HTC One X+ and HTC 8X. Today we repeat that exercise, and this time we will pit the Galaxy S III against its smaller sibling, the Galaxy S III mini.

We mounted the two phones on a flat, vertical surface and lined them up so that they filmed the exact same area. In order to prevent swaying our contraption back-and-forth, we held it with two hands, one at the top, and one at the bottom.

The Galaxy S3 and S3 mini are equipped with different sensors, 8 megapixels for the larger phone and 5 megapixels for the smaller one. Because the S III mini also has a significantly slower processor, it can film in 720p quality at most, while the S III can film in 1080p. Image stabilisation is only present on the S III.

The video below shows how the Samsung Galaxy S III (1080p with IS) performs compares to the Galaxy S III mini (720p without IS). Aside from the difference in resolution, which is more difficult to see when the picture is smaller, you can clearly see that the white balance of the S III is better than on the new S III mini. The light sensitivy of the sensor in the S III is also better, which is why there is much less noise in the second part of the video compared to the S III mini.


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