Western Digital launches 4 TB Caviar Black drive

By , source: Western Digital

Western Digital has added a new model to its Black line of hard drives, the WD4001FAEX. This drive has a 4 TB storage capacity, aided by a 64 MB buffer. The manufacturer released 4 TB drives before, as part of its business RE-line.

The new 3.5-inch consumer hard drive features a SATA 6 Gbit/s interface and four 1 TB platters with average access times of 4.2 milliseconds. The power consumption during read/write operations is about 10.4 watts, a number that drops to 8.1 W when the drive is idle, or 1.2 W in standby. Western Digital states that the drive produces roughly 29 dBa of sound, which can increase to about 34 dBa during seek operations.

Western Digital's new Caviar Black 4 TB has a recommended price of $339 (£213).

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Western Digital Caviar Black 4TB

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