AMD's market share drops to below 17 percent

By , source: ComputerBase, Investor Village

When AMD and Intel released their quarterly results in October, it became clear that the market for x86 processors has had a rough third quarter. Mercury Research and IDC analysts indicated that the total market decreased by roughly 9 to 9.5 percent. Especially AMD seems to have taken a blow, as its market share has dropped below 17 percent.

IDC figures show a decrease of about 22 percent compared to AMD's sales over the same quarter last year. The drop can be attributed to disappointing sales of server processors, and the relatively low demand for this year's "Trinity" APUs. Even the K1-based Phenom II and Athlon II processors have sold better. The analysts state that AMD now holds between 16.1 and 17 percent of the x86 market.

Although Intel's results are much more positive, the shrinking segment has hit them too. IDC indicates that the CPU-manufacturer has sold about six percent less processors. Despite this somewhat limited decrease in comparison to AMD, Intel holds an 83% market share. 

Both AMD and Intel have high hopes that Microsoft's Windows 8 operating system will rejuvenate the sales of desktop processors. Analysts are cautious and state that it may not be as positive as anticipated.

Source: IDC. Due to percentage rouning, the total can exceed 100%

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