AMD: No new FX generation next year

By , source: Donanim Haber

The Turkish Donanim Haber has published a slide which suggests AMD won´t be introducing a new generation of FX processors next year. This information matches with the earlier intel that AMD gave us in February during its Financial Analyst Day 2012; the Piledriver cores will remain the building blocks for the fastest processors for now. 

Although AMD is currently outmatched by nemesis Intel in the high-end segment, its affordable prices make the chips an interesting option in the mid-range market. The latest generation of FX processors, codenamed Vishera, form a good alternative to similarly priced Intel chips. In fact, our tests revealed that AMD's chips even perform better in some multi-threaded benchmarks. The unlocked multipliers allow overclockers to take the performance to the next level. One of the drawbacks of AMD's processors is that they are relatively inefficient.

How the lack of any major updates in AMD's Performance line-up will affect the price/performance ratio of its chips is still unclear. Intel has 'Haswell' planned for the first half of 2013: a tock that introduces a new architecture, based on the 22 nm production process. This will make it even harder for AMD to keep up.

Although AMD will keep using the Piledriver cores, development won't come to a stand-still. For the mid and lower segments, codename 'Richland' and 'Kabini' chips are planned. Richland will be based on Piledriver cores and improves upon the integrated Radeon video chip. Kabini will be the first processor with a low-power Jaguar chip, the 28 nm to the Bobcat cores that are currently being used in the C- and E-series processors.

Image source: Donanim Haber

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