Samsung stops producing Apple LCD screens

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About a week ago, it became known that the production of Apple's processors would be moved away from Samsung as early as 2014. Today, a Samsung employee has stated in the Korea Times that come 2013, the manufacturer will cease the production of all LCD screens for Apple products. While the two parties have been battling each other in court for quite some time now, the anonymous employee claims that Apple wishes to pay less and less for the screens of its new iPad. It's rumoured that Apple pays less than half of what it used to for the screen of the iPad 2, causing Samsung to cut back on orders.

In the first half of this year, Samsung sold about 15 million LCD screens to Apple, with another 1.5 million sales expected this last quarter. Samsung won't produce screens for the iPad Mini either, a device which will be presented tomorrow.

Samsung wil keep producing screens for its own tablets and those of several third parties, such as Amazon. The manufacturer has not yet commented on the matter.

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