Tacens develops sixth generation of Radix power supplies

By , source: Tacens

Tacens has updated its Radix line of power supplies, which brings us to the sixth generation of these PSUs. The series consists of four models, in capacities of 550, 650, 750 and 850 watts. A more affordable 500W Radix Eco will also be available. For small form factor chassis, the manufacturer has announced the Radix Eco 400W.It's remarkable that none of the Radix power supplies has an official 80Plus certificate. Nevertheless, Tacens claims that the efficiency of the power supplies lies around 85%, making them compete with 80Plus Bronze certified models. Each of the PSUs is based on a single +12V rail, which can deliver between 65 and 75% of the total capacity.

The Eco models do not have any PCI-Express power connectors, while the regular Radix PSUs range from one to four such connectors: a single 6+2-pin on the 550W model, two on the 650W and 750W versions and four on the 850W top model. Apart from the compact 400 W model, each power supply is chilled by a 140 mm Auro Pro fan. These power supplies have dimensions of 85 x 150 x 160 mm, while the radix Eco 400W is sized 63.5 x 125 x 100 mm and is kept cool by an 80 mm fan.

Tacens has not yet revealed any prices for its new Radix VI power supplies.

The Radix VI (top) and the compact Radix Eco 400W (bottom)

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