Western Digital announces two 4 TB hard disks

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Western Digital has introduced two new 4 TB hard disks. The manufacturer already sold 4 TB drives under its Hitachi flag. The two new drives have some features which should make them ideal for use in servers, data centers and video surveillance. Western Digital has ensured that the drives are shockproof, has added stabilized motors and has tested the devices extensively with burn-in tests.

For the most part, the two new additions are identical. The difference between the two is found in their connector: the WD4000FYYZ uses the conventional SATA 6 Gbit/s interface, while the WD4001FYYG features the business (dual-port) SAS 6 Gbit/s version. Both models have five platters of 800 GB each, which spin at 7200 RPM. It's remarkable that the SATA version, which features 64 MB of cache memory, reaches speeds of 171 MB/s, while the SAS model, which has only 32 MB of cache memory, is capable of reaching speeds of up to 182 MB/s.

As there is little competition when it comes to 4 TB drives, the prices are still relatively high. Western Digital's D4000FYYZ and WD4001FYYG are priced at respectively $459 (£285) and $479 (£297). This does include a five-year warranty.


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