IDF: Western Digital demonstrates 5mm thick hard disks


At IDF, Western Digital has demonstrated a new line of 2.5" hard disks that are only 5 mm thick. These extremely thin drives allow future laptops and Ultrabooks with HDD to become thinner as well. At the moment, 7 mm is the standard for thinner notebooks. The compact drives are also gaining popularity over the traditional 9.5 mm models found in large laptops.

The introduced drives have a 500 GB capacity and are based on a single platter. In the same series, Western Digital also introduces a 1 TB two-platter model, which is 7 mm thick. For SSDs thats the standard, but for hard disks of this capacity, it's quite extraordinary.

The new disks are available in Blue and Black editions. The Black models feature 32 GB of flash memory and are hybrid disks.

Because a conventional SATA connector won't fit on a 5 mm thick drive, Western Digital has developed a new type of connector. The disks will initially be shipped to OEM system builders only.

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