IFA: Samsung showcases own 'retina' notebook


In a corner of Samsung's IFA stand, we found two remarkable notebooks. We'll inform you on the second one later, but the first was already quite special. Both devices are proof of concepts. As of yet, Samsung has no plans to launch these notebooks anytime soon, but they do reflect the possibilities.

The first model was a Samsung Series 9 notebook, as we've seen before. The major difference though, is that the 13.3" screen has a 2560x1440 pixel resolution, the equivalent of 221 pixels per inch, similar to Apple's MacBook Pro Retina. Naturally, the Windows icons and interface become really small at such high resolutions. 

Although this Series 9 with 2560x1440 pixels won't be available in the near future, a version of this thin notebook with a Full HD screen will be released shortly, Samsung says.

Samsung Series 9 prototype met 'retina' scherm

2560x1440 pixels op 13,3 inch

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