IFA: New Acer mini PCs


Acer has revealed two new mini PCs on its IFA stand in Berlin. The Revo RL70 is a system that will be based on either Windows or Linux, and should appeal to users that are looking for an HTPC, but don't want the trouble of having to assemble one. The device features AMD's E450 APU, which has an integrated Radeon HD 6320 video chip. The second model is called the RL80 and comes in a Windows 8 version only. The bundled VESA mount allows the devices to be attached to the back of a monitor or television. The images below provide additional specifications.

The RL80 is a more 'mature' system. It features twice as much memory as the RL70 (8 GB as opposed to 4 GB), a larger hard disk (1 TB compared to 750 GB) and an Intel Ivy Bridge Core i3 processor. The RL80 also seems to be intended for HTPC purposes, as a TV-tuner can also be added to the system.

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