Seasonic releases G-series 80 Plus Gold power supplies in Europe

By , source: Seasonic, Hartware

Slightly later than planned, Seasonic has launched its G-Series of 80 Plus Gold-certified power supplies in Europe. The new additions will become available starting next month. Unlike the high-end X-series, this product line is only partly modular, which makes the power supplies more affordable while retaining the high efficiency. Four models will be available, ranging in capacity between 360 and 650 watts, with matching pricetags of £45 and £90.

As mentioned, one of the characteristics of the G-series is its 80 Plus Gold certification, which ensures an efficiency of at least 87% at all times. At 50% load, the PSU has to be over 90 percent efficient. Because of its partly modular design, some of the SATA, Molex and PEG connectors can be detached. This does not hold true for the 360 W entry-level model, which has a non-modular design.

To reach such high efficiencies, Seasonic uses durable components, such as Japanese capacitors. It has also gilded a number of contact points to improve their conductivity. To create a stable +12V rail, a DC/DC transformer is present, which compensates sudden changes in load.

Seasonic has set the recommended prices of these four new power supplies at £45 for the 360 watts version, £67 for 450 W, £78 for 550 watts and £90 for the 650 watts top model. The factory warranty has been extended to five years, which is also the case with the manufacturer's M12II-series of power supplies. The high-end X-series will now have 7 years of warranty. The exception are the cheapest S12II models, which will keep their 3-year warranty. Starting September, Seasonic will drop the recommended prices of its S12II and M12II by 10 percent.

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