Affordable Xilence Montclair chassis

By , source: Xilence

Xilence has introduced the Montclair (GEH-XP-MON) chassis. This steel case is sized 410 x 185 x 430 millimetres and offers room to either a Micro-ATX or ATX motherboard. A single 120 mm fan can be placed in the front of the chassis, which has room for up to three 5.25" devices. Two additional hot swap bays are present for 2.5" drives. The front panel also has two USB 2.0 connectors and audio jacks.

The left side panel is windowed and has room for a single 120 mm fan. Water cooling holes are present in the rear panel of the case, to which another 120 mm fan can be placed. A last 120 mm fan can be installed in the top of the chassis, which means the case can hold up to four 120 mm fans.

Xilence has cut holes for both cable management and CPU-cooler mounting. Apart from the three external 5.25" bays, the Montclair chassis has five more such bays on the inside. Xilence bundles two adaptors to convert the internal 5.25" bays to allow 3.5" hard disks to be placed in them.

The Montclair chassis has a recommended price of €50 (£39).

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